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THE LIMESTRONG COLOR SYSTEM is structured to deliver the finished-color component of a lime plaster rendering via two methods—tinting the finish plaster coat or limewashing the finish coat—and three options to help you determine which color to use.

STANDARD COLORS. Choose a color from the Standard Color Palette. Each color/shade in the palette has the color recipe to mix a single, bag-sized batch. Small (6-inch) colored-plaster sample boards for each color are available to order.

SELF-DEVELOPED COLOR. Build your own. Follow the instructions in our Color Development Guide to formulate your own color shades and/or blended colors. The process detailed in the guide is based on using the eight core dry color pigment powders that make up the Limestrong Color System.

CUSTOM COLOR SERVICE. Engage the services of the Limestrong Color Lab.

most medium-to-light colors are possible in plaster

custom color services

The Limestrong Color Lab service is designed to find the closest plaster-pigment match possible to a color in the widely available paint color swatch libraries of Benjamin Moore® or Sherwin-Williams®. Experience has taught us that not every color can be matched, especially the bright or very dark ones, but for most, we can come close. The service is structured around two levels.

LEVEL ONE: FORMULATED COLORS. In addition to the 51 colors featured in our standard color palette, we have 130+ additional colors that we’ve formulated using our color system. In many cases, the color you want will be a close match to one of those colors. So, the level-one response to your custom color request will be mix recipes for one or more of the closest matches from our color library. The difference, if any, between the library color(s) and the paint color reference you provide will be expressed as a percent—the smaller the percent, the closer we deem the match. There is no charge for this level-one match.

To see the color expressed in an actual plaster rendering (strongly recommended), either mix and apply test-batch yourself or purchase a 6-inch square sample board of that color from us.

LEVEL TWO: CUSTOM COLOR DEVELOPMENT. If we don’t have a library color close enough to the color you want, we will custom-build a color recipe match for you. The cost for this service is $100. The fee includes color-matching, a 6-inch square, hand-applied plaster sample board for approval, and the formulation recipe to recreate the color on the job.

Form Instructions. Please complete the form below to begin the process. Enter the paint color NAME and CODE from one of the specified libraries (Benjamin Moore Example: Grey Owl; OC-52). Specify first choice and second choice you would like matched.

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