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Stan finishes an archway with pozzolan lime plaster in Margarita, Venezuela.

A commercial building exterior being finished with LimeStrong Build Rusticus. LimeStrong can be spray-applied, then troweled to finish texture.

Spray-applying LimeStrong Build Rusticus.

Troweling followed by raking immediately after LimeStrong Rusticus basecoat is spray-applied over lath.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls being prepped with lath and shingles masked for overspray prior to applying LimeStrong Rusticus.

Troweling to finished texture follows spray-application of final coat.

Sculpting in pseudo-mortar joints creates a stone-block effect in this home's exterior LimeStrong finish.

New home showing the results of the sculpted effects and color tints built into the LimeStrong finish.

A LimeStrong Rusticus-finished home in Elk Park, Utah.

Designed to blend into its beautiful mountain setting, this energy-efficient straw bale home is finished inside and out with natural stone, recycled timbers, and LimeStrong Build plaster.

The LimeStrong-and-seasoned-timber relationship pictured here is almost two decades old. Unlike brittle and unforgiving Porland-cement or synthetic stuccos, LimeStrong plaster breathes and flexes with timber-framed buildings.

The hand-finished intrigue of a natural, no-VOC finish makes LimeStrong plaster an excellent choice for the interior of this home.

Common in southwestern-themed desert homes, an interior finish from a natural color-and-component material plaster lends quiet strength and old-world dignity to this energy-sipping mountain home.

Close-up of the hand-troweled finish on the exterior of a straw bale home.

LimeStrong Build was chosen as ideally compatable to the existing plaster for the repair and restoration of the plaster finishes at St. Mary's College.

A home in Colorado finished in LimeStrong.

Interesting architectural detail was achieved for this professional office building using timber framing and LimeStrong-covered straw bales.

Rustic timber and stone hunting lodge in Texas finished in LimeStrong Rusticus, inside and out.

This Utah home is finished with quarried limestone set with pozzolan-lime mortar, and LimeStrong plaster.

The extensive restoration of this 90+ year old wood-lath-and-plaster home demanded an easy to mix and use lime plaster; the application team chose LimeStrong Build.

Existing lime plaster was carefully repaired and surface-prepped before finish coats of LimeStrong Classicus were applied.

Troweling on a finish coat of LimeStrong Classicus.

Using packaged LimeStrong Classicus plaster delivers a perfectly formulated lime-plaster batch every time.

LimeStrong Classicus was used to restore the plaster interiors of this historical home. This photo shows the final grey-white cure of untinted LimeStrong.

An untinted LimeStrong Classicus finish will continue to lighten/whiten as it cures.

A LimeStrong Classicus finish can be worked gleaming-glass smooth, if desired.

Deep color like this is inherent in the finish and as enduring as the plaster itself.

The appealing character of this LimeStrong finish comes from both the skilled hand-scuplted texture and the intrinsic color of the final plaster wash.

The rich, captivating beauty of this LimeStrong Classicus interior wall easily shames a gypsum texture wearing a monotone paint job.