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PLEASE LEARN HOW TO adequately protect yourself when mixing and applying lime plaster. TYPICAL QUESTIONS about LimeStrong Build plaster are also addressed below.



LimeStrong contains hydrated (slaked) lime, which (because of a high pH) is somewhat caustic. Breathing the powder dust can also cause respiratory irritation. BE SMART. Make the investment of time and needed items to protect yourself. In all situations, if irritation develops, seek medical attention.

SKIN: With prolonged contact, lime plaster can irritate and dehydrate skin. We encourage you to wear protective gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Coveralls are also a good move. You can further protect your face, neck, hands and forearms with a barrier cream. Protecting your skin, especially when cuts, scrapes or scratches are present, is always worth the effort. TREATMENT: Wash exposed skin thoroughly after handling lime plaster. This hack is used by the pro applicators: keep a bucket of water splashed with a shot of vinegar handy to neutralize the bite of lime plaster on skin and (at clean-up) tools.

EYES: Please take care to protect your eyes when mixing and applying lime plaster. Precautions must be taken to keep airborne powder out of your eyes. Also avoid rubbing the eyes with unwashed hands that have been in contact with lime plaster (wet or dry). Keep in mind that some application processes are more inherent to splash and splatter-back than others—for example, applying LimeStrong using a compressed air hopper-type sprayer, or troweling LimeStrong directly onto straw bales (plenty of flip-back from those stiff stalks) will put some back on you. Please protect your eyes with goggles or safety glasses with side shields. TREATMENT: Immediately flush eyes liberally with water for several minutes.

INHALATION: When mixing or sanding lime-based plasters, especially for prolonged periods, wear a particle mask or respirator that covers the nose and mouth. TREATMENT: If inhaled, move immediately to fresh air.




What is the cost (roughly) for an installed LimeStrong finish? Installed cost of a LimeStrong Build finish (1/2 – 3/4 inch thickness) is roughly five dollars a square foot (does not include surface preparation). Venetian-style artisan and tadelakt-type finishes can run twice that.

What LimeStrong grades are available? We produce two BUILD grades—Rusticus (coarse) and Classicus (finish). We also produce three thin-coat ARTISAN grades sold under our LimeStrong Artisan™ brand for working up interior venetian-style finishes over drywall.

What are the applications for the LimeStrong Build grades? LimeStrong Rusticus™ is typically used as an exterior finish (replacing stucco). It is also used both outside and inside to face straw bale, pumice-crete, hempcrete, masonry, adobe brick and other alternative building materials. The smaller particle size of LimeStrong Classicus™ makes a great finish coat over Rusticus when a smoother—even glassy—finish is wanted. Classicus is typically used inside over masonry or repaired lime plaster (such as historical building restorations). Do NOT use LimeStong over existing (or to repair) stucco or other Portland-cement-based plasters.

What are Artisan grades? LimeStrong Artisan™ interior plaster finishes are chosen by interior designers and homeowners seeking a uniquely beautiful and enduring alternative to paint. The three ARTISAN grades (Sand, Stone, and Marble) are applied very thin over level-3 (at least) finished drywall or equivalent wall surface and prepped with a drywall primer blended with a fine texturizing pumice powder (like Dimension Grit™) to provide tooth. The artisan grades can also be used over smooth-worked LimeStrong Rusticus (coarse) or Classicus (finish) in historic restoration applications, although the Classicus grade can also be worked Venetian style.

Can I start with a sample? Yes. Samples of both Build grades can be ordered online in 2 lb. pouches and 20 lb. boxes.

Can I order product direct? We have a growing line of stocking distributors, but job-quantities of LimeStrong Build can also be ordered directly from us. Build grade orders will include an LTL shipping quote (product typically shipped in palleted supersacks for the necessary quantity); the Artisan grades (used inside and applied much thinner) come in 30 lb. (Marble) or 32 lb. (Sand, Stone) bags, with shipping included in the per-bag price.

Is LimeStrong a Portland cement + lime product? No. Unlike tweaked-up cement-lime products (lime is added to amplify ease-of-use and increase performance), LimeStrong plasters eschew the use of Portland cement altogether. LimeStrong is formulated with lightweight pumice aggregate, sand (Rusticus only) and fine pumice pozzolan, realizing every performance and usability gain while completely avoiding the cement plaster/stucco problems. LimeStrong is most accurately classified as an Artificial Hydraulic Lime (AHL) product.

What is the difference between AHL and NHL plasters? LimeStrong is a lime-pozzolan product which uses the natural adhesive property of hydrated (slaked) lime and the cementitious chemical bonding reaction introduced by pumice pozzolan to create a long-lived, flexible, self-healing finish. This deliberate pairing of hydrated lime with a reactive pumice pozzolan creates an Artificial Hydraulic Lime (AHL) product.

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) products are mined from very specific lime deposits (typically European) that have been naturally infiltrated with the minerals (mainly silica) that provide the necessary hydraulic properties needed to produce a durable cured finish.

Technically speaking, how does the Lime-meets-Pozzolan magic happen? See the Technical Data information on the ABOUT LIMESTRONG page.